Meet Our Momentum Energy Storage Leadership

Momentum Energy Storage Partners Management

The team at Momentum has decades of combined experience in energy storage and is committed to delivering energy storage projects that exceed the industry standard.

Energy Storage Experts

The expert team at Momentum Energy Storage Partners has 65+ years of energy storage technology, renewables, and project development. Our experience gives the investor confidence that the job will be executed the way it was intended. We anticipate challenges in the energy storage development process and mitigate them from early development through to the commercial operations date (COD).

Davion Hill

Davion Hill, Ph.D.

Dr. Davion Hill has been active in energy storage for more than 15 years. He formerly advised capital and developer clients on over 1 GW of energy storage projects. He serves on the Board of Directors for NYBEST, and was a former Executive Board member for NAATBatt International, and its former President (2015) and Chairman (2016). He is a patent holder on energy storage sensing technologies, has served as an expert witness in energy storage arbitration proceedings, and advised and authored numerous industry reports, standards, and best practices on energy storage safety, fire management, installation, commissioning, and operations.

Ed Rode

Ed Rode, Ph.D.

Dr. Ed Rode is co-founder of Momentum Energy Storage Partners, having over 35 years of experience in technology development, energy conversion technologies, renewable chemicals, and applied R&D. Dr. Rode has raised $35M in capital and held engineering and leadership positions with industry leaders QuestAir Technologies, Zeochem, Velocys, Lam Research, and Genus. He has been awarded 11 patents, is the co-author of 19 professional publications, and has presented 25 papers to prestigious national and international professional associations.